United States Department of Energy

Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program


Categorical Exclusions

Kesselring Site





      Prototype Staff Building 114

      Security Upgrades Major Construction Project (MCP) 

      Compressed Air System Replacement

      PAD 90 Overflow Parking Lot Project

      Building 20 Fleet Interactive Display Equipment (FIDE) Facility Expansion

      Sanitary Waste Treatment Facility (SWTF)

      S8G Plant Supervision Building 113

      Kesselring Site Central Office Building Project

      Kesselring Site K & L Load Center Relocation Project

      S8G Prototype Refueling Overhaul

      Site Crafts Facility Building 118

      Building 80A/80B Refurbishment

      S8G Refueling Overhaul Infrastructure

      Kesselring Site Pad 90 Parking Lot Extension

      Building 75B Hazardous Waste Storage Unit

      Parking Lot Ditch Cleanout Project

      Kesselring Site Gate 5 Project

      Boiler Blowdown Tank

      Refueling Overhaul Area Upgrades

      Site Engine Room Team Trainer Building 115

      S8G Cooling Tower Replacement Project

      Weather Resistent Enclosure Project

      Building 18 HVAC Project

      Building 19 HVAC Project

      Sluice Gate 1 Replacement and Site Drainage Upgrade Project Project

      Electrical Upgrades Project

      Surge Suppression for the Site Service Water Disribution System and Pump House 4 Tie-out Project

      Environmental Sampling in the Outfall 001 and 002 and the Outfall Stbilization Project

      KS Overhead Piping MCP CX