United States Department of Energy

Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program


Categorical Exclusions

Knolls Laboratory





     KAPL Hillside Remediation Project

     4160 Volt Upgrade Project

     Q14 Sprinkler System Upgrade Project

     Building A10 Construction Project

     L4 Pump House Cleaning

     P9 Construction Project

     Lower Level Guard Post Replacement Project

     Central Computer Facility Upgrade Project

     L4 Pump House Upgrade Project

     Building E4 Loading Dock Replacement

     Fire Protection Water Tank Project

     Linear Accelerator (LINAC) Upgrade

     M-Complex Utility Reroute and Demolition

     Component Fabrication Facility and Open Storage Annex

     Z11 Replacement Building Project

     RML Hot Cell Fire Detection Project

     Knolls Laboratory Fire Protection System Upgrade Project

     Q3 Yard RCRA Facility Investigation and Eastside Building Expansion Project